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Variatore di velocità ATV320 - 15kW - 380...500V - trifase - compatto

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Altivar Machine ATV320 range is an offer of variable speed drives designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Its compact form factor allows vertical stacking of drives inside machine frames It works at a rated power up to 15kW / 20hp and a rated voltage from 380V to 500V AC. Its robust design with IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C3 coated printed circuit boards allows to extend machine availability in harsh environmental conditions, for example at ambient temperatures of up to 60°C without the need of additional cooling. It incorporates functions suitable for the most common applications, including torque and speed accuracy at very low speed, high dynamic performance with flux vector control without sensor and extended frequency range for high-speed motors. It also incorporates parallel connection of motors and special drives using the voltage/frequency ratio and static speed accuracy and energy saving for open-loop synchronous motors. It weighs 6.9kg and its dimensions are 180mm wide, 330mm high, 192mm deep. Altivar Machine ATV320 meets simple and advanced application requirements covered for packaging, material handling, textile, material working, mechanical actuators and hoisting. It conforms to IEC, UL, TUV, KC and other international standards. Mounting accessories and external options (braking resistors, line chokes, motor chokes, additional EMC filters) are available with Altivar Machine ATV320 drives. The type of external accessories and options depends on the drive rating. The product is delivered in two packages. It is designed to be mounted in vertical position on a panel, thanks to 4 fixing holes. It is fully integrated inside Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Machine through DTM. It is possible to configure, control, and diagnose ATV320 drives directly in SoMachine and SoMove software by means of the same software brick (DTM). It is eco-friendly and complies with directives such as RoHS, WEEE, etc.relating to environmental protection.

supporta il protocollo per EtherNet/IP

supporta protocollo CAN

supporta il protocollo per altri sistemi bus

max. potenza erogata con carico quadrato a tensione d’uscita nominale

15 kW

supporta protocollo MODBUS

supporta il protocollo per PROFINET IO

numero di interfacce HW seriali RS485


con elemento di comando

numero di uscite analogiche


numero di interfacce HW altre


tensione di rete

380 V

tolleranza di tensione di rete simmetrica relativa

10 %

numero di fasi d’uscita


numero di fasi d’entrata


funzionamento a 4 quadranti possibile


180.0 mm


198.0 mm

tipo di convertitore

inverter a tensione impressa

numero di ingressi digitali


impiego ammesso in ambito industriale

tolleranza di frequenza di rete simmetrica relativa

5 %

max. potenza erogata con carico lineare a tensione d’uscita nominale

15 kW

tensione d’uscita massima

550 V

supporta protocollo DeviceNet

frequenza di rete

50/60 Hz

chopper di frenatura integrato

numero di uscite digitali


supporta protocollo TCP/IP

supporta protocollo PROFIBUS

max. frequenza d’uscita

599 Hz

con collegamento PC

corrente di uscita nominale I2N

66 A

numero di ingressi analogici



330.0 mm

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