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Alimentatori switching, 100-240 V AC, 24 V 0.6 A, monofase, Modulare

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This ABLM regulated switch mode power supply (SMPS) supplies direct current voltage. It has a rated input of 100V to 240V AC, a rated output current of 0,625A at 24V DC and a rated power output of 15W. It is ideal for supplying DC voltage necessary for automation equipment designed for applications in industrial, commercial and residential applications such as conveying, packaging, control, food & beverage, mining, oil & gas and water. It installs on omega rail or fixing by screw. Its width is 18mm, its height is 91mm, its depth is 55,6mm. It ensures a protection against overloads and short-circuits with automatic restart after the source of overload/short-circuit has been corrected. It weighs 0.101 kg. It is a power supply for industrial use, rail mounting. It conforms to EN62368-1, ENIEC61010-1/2-201, ENIEC61204-3, EN61000-6-1/2/3/4, EN61000-3-2-3, UL62368-1, UL61010-2-201/-1-201, CSAC22.2No62368-1/No61010-2-201/No61010-1 standards. It is certified by CE, CUL listed/recognized, RCM, CBscheme. The Acti9 iC60 range of Miniature Circuit Breakers is recommanded for its protection. The type of protection is 2A, B or C curve. It has in the front face a LED indicating presence of DC output voltage, and a QR code for access to the latest technical documentation. Thanks to their modular housing, they can be installed either in enclosures or industrial panels by clipping on omega (DIN) rail. It brings energy to your automated systems. Designed for simple machines and applications, modular power supplies are primarily appreciated for their extreme compactness.

max. corrente d’uscita 1

0.6 A


tensione di alimentazione nominale per AC 50 Hz

100 V

valore nominale tensione d'uscita 1

24 V

larghezza di montaggio

18.0 mm

1a tensione d’uscita

100 V

valore nominale corrente d'uscita 1

0.6 A

esecuzione del collegamento elettrico

raccordo a vite

altezza totale

91.0 mm

adatto per funzioni di sicurezza

potenza erogata

3.5 W

adatto per installazione in serie

montaggio su guida portante possibile


55.6 mm


18.0 mm

tipo di tensione di alimentazione


tensione di alimentazione nominale per AC 60 Hz

100 V


91.0 mm

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