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EAN: 3606481327444
Codice Produttore: A9Y80625
This Acti9 Vigi iC40 is a modular add-on residual current devices. It is a 1P+N and rated current is 25A. The earth leakage protection class is A type with a sensitivity of 30mA and a voltage independent technology. This product protects against short circuit, cable overload, electrical shock by indirect contact and fire hazards. A VisiTrip window is here to indicate a fault tripping by a red mechanical indicator on the front face. This product is compliant with EN/IEC 61009-2-1 standard. Electrical endurance goes up to 10000 cycles. Mechanical endurance goes up to 20000 cycles. The Ue rated operational voltage is 230VAC. The Ui rated insulation voltage is 400VAC. The Uimp rated impulse withstand voltage is 4kV. The pollution degree is 3. It can be mounted on DIN rail. The width in 9mm pitches is 2. The product color is white (RAL9003). The dimensions are (W) 36mm x (H) 95mm x (D) 74mm. The weight is 90g. The degree of protection is IP20 and IP40 in an enclosure. The operating temperature is -25°C to 60°C. The storage temperature is -40°C to 85°C.
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