Sbarra a 3 poli , 63A, 4 derivazioni, Passo 72mm.

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EAN: 3389110555851
Codice Produttore: GV2G554
TeSys GV busbar set, 3 phases, 63A/690V, for the upstream parallel wiring of groups of motor starters composed of GV2 motor circuit breakers or LS1D32 fuse carriers. For use with screw clamp terminal devices, it is composed of 5 tap-off outlets for the paralleling of 5 devices with a pitch of 54mm. The use of a terminal block GV1G09 or GV2G05 is recommended to supply the busbar sets (to be ordered separately). Green Premium compliant (RoHS/REACh).
Prezzo: € 22,50

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