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EAN: 3389119643931
Codice Produttore: XCMW102

This wireless and battery-less limit switch is part of the XCMW range, an offer with a miniature design. This range includes transmitters (micro limit switches) and receivers that communicate via 2.4 GHz radio transmission. Limit switches are used in all automated installations. They transmit data to the logic processing system regarding presence, absence, passing, positioning and end of travel. This miniature limit switch features a steel roller plunger actuator (actuation by 30° cam, lateral approach, 2 directions). No wiring is required between the limit switch and the receiver, for a faster installation. Its sensing distance reaches 100m in free field, 300m with an external antenna and 25m in industrial environment. It has 1 snap action contact. It is a IP65 rated limit switch, operating in an ambiant air temperature from -25°C to +70°C. This limit switch consits of a fixed plastic boby and a metal head. Its dimensions are 30mm (width) x 16mm (depth) x 84mm (height). It weighs 0.046kg. This wireless limit micro switch is suitable for automatic doors, expandable conveyors, wheel chocks for trucks, rotary machines and turntables. It complies with EN/IEC 60947-5, with EAC and CE certifications, with EMC 2004/108/EC directive and with R&TTE 1999/5/EC directive. It also benefits from the radio approvals FCC (USA), IC (Canada) and RCM (Australia). A relay antenna to boost the signal, an external antenna for access points and one communication module for Ethernet Modbus/TCP network can be purchased separately. This limit switch features 2 holes Ø 4.2mm (Ø 0.17inches) for screw fixing. No wiring is needed between the limit switch and the receiver. The XCMW range is an offer of miniature plastic wireless and battery-less limit switches, with open protocols, easy to integrate in machines.

Prezzo: € 120,60
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