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Base portafusibile STI 1 polo fusibile 10.3X38mm 500V ca 50/60Hz

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EAN: 3606480619519
Codice Produttore: A9N15636

This Acti 9 STI isolatable fuse-carriers is a low voltage fuse-disconnector. It is used for tertiary and industrial applications requiring a high breaking capacity. It has 1P pole, up to 25A rated current, and gG or aM fuse curve with a fuse cartridge type of 10.3mm x 38mm. it can be mounted on DIN rail for modular installation. The general purpose fuse (gG fuse) provides overload and short-circuit protection. The aM fuse for motor application provides short-circuit protection (protection of loads with a high peak current). it has an IP20 degree of protection on its terminals, becoming IP40 once in modular enclosure. A clip-on marker is visible on front face or on downstream terminal to identify fuse presence. An optional 230V neon indicator light indicates fuse blowing (off in normal operation and lit red after fuse blowing). The device is provided with a captive fuse-carrier and an additional housing for a spare fuse. Its toggle can also be padlocked.

Corrisponde al codice prodotto: MG9N15636

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